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A New Era of Football Fandom Begins
Get your Team’s Token to get access to exclusive content, free tickets, unique merch and much more!
Expand Your Experience

Being a fan is not just about watching a game, it’s a way of living that goes beyond the stadium. Discover how you can make the best of the first Season of USFL.

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Unique access to the players, coaches and executives of the USFL.

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Learn about the upcoming collections and the benefits they unlock.

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Collect free proof of attendance collectibles (POAPs) at each game this season.

Each team in the USFL has their own Team Token.
A Team Token allows you to get access to discounts, perks and exclusive merch for that specific team.
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Access the official USFL Discord Server to keep yourself always up to date with the latest news and info about your favourite team.
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In-Person Perks
Team Token holders are eligible for special giveaways including team-branded sports merchandise, autographed posters, and much more.
Each team will hold meet-and-greet events for their Team Token holders, giving attendees the chance to meet team players and coaches.
Regular season ticket giveaways to Team Token holders along with ticket giveaways to 2022 playoff games and a championship hangout in Canton, Ohio.
Online Perks
Access the ‘Owners’ Lounge’ in the USFL Discord. Be the first to know about all things USFL and access special events, future Drops and Player NFTs. Discuss team strategy, past games, game predictions and a lot more.
Watch exclusive interviews and behind the scenes content with your favorite team players and coaches to learn more about how they are preparing for the USFL Season 2022.
Lucky winners among the Team Token holders will be eligible for free giveaways, exclusive NFTs, and loads of other surprises.
Get discounts on USFL merchandise from the online store. Represent your team In-Real-Life with team merch.
USFL NFTs are a means to bring the USFL 2022 fans together as a community, where NFT holders will be entitled to various perks including exclusive access to meet-and-greets, discord channels, seat upgrades and much more.
Each USFL team from 2022 season has their own Team Tokens, which are in form of NFTs. Holders of these NFTs will get access to exclusive perks specific to the team.
USFL Team Tokens offer you various in-person perks such as free tickets, team meet-and-greet invites and giveaways. Online perks include access to team’s Discord channel, exclusive interviews and drops, to name a few.
Each USFL Team token costs 70 MATIC (approx $100USD as of end of April 2022. Note that MATIC price is subject to change in line market fluctuation).
When you purchase your NFT you will pay a small (close to $0) transaction fee to ensure that your NFT purchase transaction gets registered on the blockchain. Payment is made in Matic. Fan Pass holders are not required to pay any transaction fee.
Yes, you can buy as many Team Tokens as you’d like.
Wallet connectivity is powered by Web3Auth, which allows you to easily create new wallets using your email address. You can also connect other Web3 wallets such as MetaMask. Simply click on “Connect Wallet” button and you will be seamlessly redirected to the next steps.
Your wallet address can be found within your wallet extension/app home screen.
To claim your free Team Token simply select ‘My NFTs’ in the top navigation bar and select the ‘FanPass’ banner.
No, you cannot change your wallet address in future.
You can buy NFTs in Matic.
Yes, you can sell your NFTs on any secondary market that supports such sales, including OpenSea (, which is currently the largest NFT marketplace.
A POAP is a form of a Non Fungible Token (NFT) but isn’t usually sold. They’re a free memento of your time at the USFL game.